I’ve been playing with many different bands through the years since I started playing the guitar, but back in 2009 a short time after I moved in Strasbourg I’ve finally found the right guys to play with.
Thierry (guitars), Stephane (vocals), Jerome (bass), Alexis (drums) and last but not least, David (drums).

Our music started with classic rock driven original compositions with bits of metal and funk here and there. The more we played together the more the need for grit was growing, and the gear we used needed to follow. Thierry and I were both serious about our stuff and we tried many combinations for what we used to call our dual sound: Gibson Les Paul, Explorer vs Stratocaster, Telecaster, Vintage Epiphone Coronet and Wilshire and so on.

I can’t remember exactly how it happened but I stumbled upon Mark Jenny’s MJT ebay page and saw an awkward Jazzmaster offset relic finish guitar body routed for a telecaster pickup layout. As per usual, I hated the idea first before admitting I was craving for that unusual combination. Thierry was the Fender player of the band, but I was also in need for that ear piercing gritty twang in my sound arsenal. So yeah, I ordered my first guitar kit.

The quality of the parts was fantastic and the assembly was surprisingly easy! The guitar sounded great and happened to be an amazing player! The experience was so positive that I wanted to dig more.

Fender was then making noises with their Custom Shop Cabronita, a Telecaster with TV Jones TV Classic pickups and then the idea of an offset body with the Cabronita specs made too much sense to me to sleep on it.
After asking Mark Jenny to build the body in vain, I googled for days to find the right guys for the task.
Guitarmill had a serious reputation in that field offering body and relic finish in one package. On the other hand I was having a very positive communication with the guys from USA Custom Guitars and I ended up ordering one body from each company for my experiment.
The Guitarmill experience didn’t turned out as good as planned but the USACG was fantastic.
I finally gave the Guitarmill one to a good friend of mine who knew the right thing to do with it but still play the USACG, the orange one to this day. 🙂

I used to work on my guitar projects in 3D first so here are some visuals I did before making my mind on colors and pickups layout.


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