Sneakerhead Episode 1 – The Adidas Gazelle

I was 17 in 1992. Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana shattered hair metal and my world of icons fell apart. I was in my age of doubts and need for answers. The answer was a band called Jamiroquai.

You need to understand how it was to find music I would like. I would have to go listen to CDs in a shop I’d either pick on the look of the album cover or on some rare recommandation. It was a lot of time invested. The simplistic cover of Jamiroquai first album, ‘Emergency On planet Earth’ had something refreshing and somewhat bold in its minimalism. Also what really blew my mind was this dance driven music that wasn’t techno or house, just a bunch of guys playing their old fashion instruments and a singer that sounded like Stevie Wonder – more like Labi Siffre in his highest funky tunes but Stevie Wonder was one of the rare references I knew back in those days without internet.


Anyways, the band had that retro 70’s outfit to match their music and I couldn’t help noticing their footwear of choice. Back when I was a rock fan, I could drool on the guitar heroes weapons but with this new sound direction I was embracing, mainly based on the bass and the singing, I was left with little gear to admire. The Adidas Gazelle shoes took over my beaten up road warrior Ibanez RG550 electric guitar. Surely I’d be jumping around like a Space Cowboy with the Gazelle on my feet. With the help of a very trendy campaign featuring 90s hottest model, Kate Moss, the deal was sealed.


Thanks to my brother Alphonse and an annoying song I sang every evening to have him lending me these 200 Francs, I was able to cop a blue pair.

This was the first piece of fashionable garment I ever got interested in.


Years went by and I only listen to those Acid Jazz bands on a nostalgia ride, but my Gazelles and her sisters are part of my daily journey.


My first pair of Gazelle is long gone, and the few I bought through the years were lost in multiple movings or given to charity.  These are those I have today along with some other Adidas models I’d put in the same family style. On top, my first and only custom ones blue leather top, with the very 70s white stripes and eyestay and from left to right, the München in olive green, my precious Gazelle in purple and a gum sole, the flashy Bermuda in black in vibrant neon green, and last but not least, the discreet yet classy black leather Gazelle for rainy days.

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