Sneakerhead Episode 2 – The Vandal

I’ve been a long time Adidas fan and kept buying their products for years but I wouldn’t limit myself on other cool shoes from other brands. Last year though, Adidas brought back the Campus, one of my favorite three-striped model in very cool colorways, so much to chew on that I couldn’t see the beauty of the models from the biggest name in the sneakers business, Nike, until recently when I had enough Adidas in my wardrobe, and that took a lifetime.


Was it because the brand is too big, therefore, too common? After a bit of investigation and captivating reading, my interest grew and I could find my fix in some rare gems or those models outshined by the timeless classics Nike keep in its catalog.

I’m a 100% retro guy so I started with their historical Cortez, Blazer, Waffle and Internationalist but I was soon super hooked by the Vandal, the guest star from Terminator and figurant from Back to the Future.


The Vandal has everything to please my nerdism. It’s NOT the Jordan, not the Air force 1, it appeared in cult classic movies and it’s not über popular. It’s pure 80s summed in a brilliant design, it’s comfortable, flashy yet suitable for a lot of situations I’m going throughout my journey. I wonder how I could have missed all those crucial points before.


It seems that Nike is now focusing on delivering designers collabs, which maybe means more Vandal variation to come later at an affordable price tag.

On a side note, I usually wear US9-UK8 1/3-EU42 2/3-27cm in Adidas, US9-UK-8-EU42.5-27cm in Nike, but the Vandal fits right with a little extra room in US8.5-UK7.5-EU42-26.5cm.

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