Dragon Ball Fan Art

I have a very nice job that keep me busy drawing 8 hours a day, at least. But somehow life events can be challenging and I’ve found myself dried out, out of juice. But there’s nothing as a good old fanart to put me back in the saddle.



This time the task I challenged myself with was a bit tricky at least from my perspective. I’ve been talking about it a couple of times before with fellow artists, and we all came to the same conclusion: except for the female ones, Dragon Ball characters are a bitch to rethink. The stylisation is so strong and it’s such an essential part of the franchise that any other approach leads to a total failure. A realistic take would be terrible! Should it be reminded that they did a movie in 2009?


Anyways, I was in a state where those existential questions didn’t matter and gave it a go.

I’m kinda happy with the balance I’ve found in the process, but most importantly, I didn’t mind the love or hate but enjoyed the ride.

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