A few years ago, the company I work for moved and employees had to stay home. We were then tasked to develop IP for the time being. I had this National Geographic magazine about Neanderthal so the idea popped. What if the Neanderthals didn’t vanish?

Here’s the story I wrote:

Mikey is not the high school popular teenager. More like the typical sidekick of the popular one, the bully.
Good in sport but rather bad in everything else, he spends his days trying to cheat, and annoying the nerds.

Mikey and his friends hang out in a video rental shop looking for some kinky video, but the owner of the place, a weird short old man suggest them something spicier. The videotape is called ‘Neonderthal’.

The pop corn is ready, lights are off and the video in the reader. Things start as promised and they all get very excited! But as it finally gets interesting, the image starts to blur and laser beams flash from the tv screen. The video reader is on pause but the pictures are still in motion. Strange!
The scenes in the movie look suddenly like everyday life until they realize people look all weird. The fashion is similar with a twist, but it’s especially their physical aspect that shocks the most: they all look shorter and their faces are strange.
Broader forehead, larger nose, short chin…
They are neanderthals!

The VHS happens to be a portal to a parallel universe in which the homo sapiens never brought the disease that annihilated the Neanderthal race, Humans are extinct, Art rules the world and sport is an activity for brutal dumb people. The surface of the planet is covered by trees and nature, architecture is underground.
Kids learn how to paint wall graffitis at elementary school, before they learn how to ride a bike.
Mikey is fascinated and obsessed by what he saw, and keeps watching the video by himself. The only problem is that the portal opens at the same scene and the pausing time is limited by the mechanic of the video reader.

Samountain, a popular high school neonderthal girl is craving for learning and looks for documents about Art history of her kind. The Art video library has tons of it, but the owner of the place, a very tall old lady with a narrow body and high head suggests her something a bit more controversial.
The documentary is about the lost art of the Homo Sapiens, a now defunct species very close to theirs.
The video starts as promised until, guess what, lasers flashes from the screen and freezes before she sees scenes from everyday life but with a twist. She sees our world!!!

In the meantime Mikey grows interest in courses he never paid attention to and starts to hang out with nerds. That causes him a lot of trouble and he loses some friends who start to bully him.

It’s late, past midnight, Mikey plays the video again.
It’s late past midnight, Samountain plays her video.
Laser flashes ritual.
But this time what she sees is not everyday life scenes but this odd human face looking at her.

Samountain and Mikey meet!!!!!
They can communicate and start that incredible parallel universes relationship.
Their friendship inexorably grows.
Mikey will change and open his mind to culture and be better at school meet more diverse people, while Samountain will learn to enjoy physical activities and bring sport in her own little community. They will both encounter lots of problems with their friends and will have to fight for what they want.

As they play their tape over and over, the picture quality gets worse and their communication has a predictable end.
Despite their revulsion for each other’s appearance they realized they fell in love but they will have to let go.

Mikey is sitting in a dinner by himself. His past friends are walking close by but they don’t stop. Jimmy, THE popular guy take a glance at him, but surprisingly nod with respect.
A bunch of retarded looking nerds enter the dinner and join Mikey at the table. They’re having lotsa fun!

Epilogue: Video shop, the old man shuts the lights and close the shop. The videotape is back on the shelf, the movie right next to it, “Designosaur”.
Well now you know how I came up with the name of my blog. 😉

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